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Earthborn Paint at Junelle Interiors

We at Junelle Interiors are proud to supply Earthborn paint and are able to offer our customers a great selection of colours to choose from.  Check them out on the chart below and order your eco paint online or visit us to see colour cards and buy sample pots.

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Why Earthborn

Earthborn paint, natural paint, eco paint, clay paintEarthborn natural paint is special. It’s healthier, without the unpleasant smell of standard paint, yet does not sacrifice quality or style. 

Earthborn paint is odour free, oil free, acrylic free and most importantly highly breathable – both for your walls and for your lungs.  This makes them child friendly and perfect for period properties.

Each of the range is natural and environmentally friendly. Earthborn have even been awarded the prestigious Ecolabel Flower Symbol which proves they meet all the standards required for being completely ‘green’.

We can supply the full range of standard colours in the  Claypaint Eggshell, Eco Chic (claypaint for furniture) and Lifestyle ranges. With a wide range of both pastels and vibrant, bold shades there is the ideal choice for every colour scheme available.

Earthborn Products

Clay paint is perfect for walls and ceilings because its very high clay content gives it a beautiful creamy consistency so it goes on like a dream. It is hard wearing, highly breathable, has no nasty smells and goes on like a dream often requiring fewer coats than conventional emulsions.

Eggshell dries super quick to a classic silk sheen. Because it is water based and totally oil free, it is non-yellowing and there are no unpleasant smells or emissions. Best of all it is flexible and breathable – so it cares for your wood for longer.

Eco Chic is an exciting clay based paint with a deliciously creamy consistency, ideal for sprucing up furniture.  Available in 72 scrumptious shades, it’s quick drying and can be used in a variety of creative ways. And because it’s VOC free and breathable, it cares for your furniture too. Finish with Earthborn Furniture Wax for stand out pieces.

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The colours

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